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Cartridge Testing
Both PECOFacet and competitor cartridges can be tested, in full length, using various fluids and contaminant challenges to determine flow curves, contaminant capacity and efficiency.

Process Liquid Analysis
Customers can send in fluids for services such as:

  • Particle analysis of size, type and amount using laser counters and microscopic digital imaging
  • Physical and chemical properties such as viscosity, colorimetry, surface & interfacial tension, spectrophotometry, moisture content, haze rating, pH, turbidity, total metals, dissolved gases, hydrocarbon content and concentration, ion distribution and contaminant identification
  • Chemical compatibility

Spent Cartridge Analysis
Customers can send in both PECOFacet spent cartridges and competitors' spent cartridges for dissection layer-by-layer with the use of microscopic digital imaging to determine if the cartridge being used is performing to specifications, or if another cartridge can be recommended for trial.

Aviation Testing
PECOFacet's aviation test lab located in Greensboro, North Carolina is designed to perform testing in accordance with military and civilian aviation filtration specifications.  These include Energy Institute and MIL specifications related to jet fuel filtration products.  The facility is used for qualification testing to these specifications, new product development, quality conformance and customer product testing.

The lab has a flow capability of 2,500 gpm maximum with separate flow loops for 100 gpm and 500 gpm.  Fuel tank storage capacity is 50,000 gallons.  The complete system is computer controlled and instrumented and includes 5 different pumps for various testing.  Included are two clay treatment vessels and filter/separators for maintaining fuel quality.

Test Standards
Following is a list of regularly used test standards in PECOFacet’s Engineering Laboratory. This is not an all-inclusive list, but shows the most common standards in use. Learn more


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