Horizontal Gas Coalescing Housing

PEACH® Gemini PuraSep® 


The PEACH Gemini PuraSep is a innovative concept in gas coalescing technology which provides the solids loading capabilities of a filter-separator with the liquid removal efficiency of a vertical coalescer. It can effectively handle higher inlet solid and liquid loads versus conventional coalescing equipment and is designed to remove a wide range of liquid contaminants such as lubricating oils, low surface tension liquids, and aerosol mists.

Two stages of coalescing and separation are contained in a single, easily replaceable PEACH Gemini cartridge. Eliminating the need for a conventional 2nd stage mist extraction device, such as a vane or cyclotube, means no concerns of plugging, or corrosion. The cartridge seats inside the housing via a riser tube with the use of a chevron seal.  The seal provides a separation of the cartridge so that gas entering the housing will flow from outside-to-inside through the front of the cartridge (1st stage) where solids are removed and coalescing is begun.  Once past the chevron seal, the gas will flow inside-to-outside through the back of the cartridge (2nd stage) providing a smooth transition of coalesced liquids from the 1st stage into the 2nd stage. Keeping in mind the importance today’s customer places on minimizing operation and maintenance costs, simple, quick and trouble free operation has been incorporated into the PGCPH design.

  • Horizontal configuration
  • Two-stage unit utilizing a single PEACH® technology cartridge in both stages – Model PGC
  • Delivers combined function of a filter-separator and vertical coalescer by delivering high contaminant loading and coalescing down to 0.3 microns
  • 28X more liquid capacity and 7X greater solids capacity than a vertical coalescer
  • 100% turndown
  • User friendly design
  • 6” – 84” diameter; custom designs
  • Stock units available 10” – 60” diameter in 600# ANSI


Associated Cartridges

PEACH® Gemini PuraSep®
Model PGC