Filter Housings

PECO has a legacy of innovating products to provide solutions for its customer's difficult contaminant management problems.  One of our strengths is the fact that we engineer and manufacture the housings for use with our cartridge technologies.  This provides for the effective marrying of the cartridge and internal technology with the housing in the most effective manner.  We also offer technologies that don't use replaceable cartridges including gas and liquid cyclones, back-washable, cleanable, and vane / coalescing plates.
At PECO we believe that proper oil & gas filtration shouldn’t be solved by just one type of equipment or cartridge style.That is why we have a variety of PECO filter vessels and cartridges to handle even the most difficult of contaminant removal challenges.We always believe “The Contaminant Dictates the Method” upon which filter products we select.We have a reputation in the industry for building quality housings and being able to manufacture to many different codes around the world.


Oil & Gas Stock Housings

We maintain a stock of several of our most popular units including PEACH® Gemini PuraSep® gas coalescers, XtreamPure® liquid housings and more! Fast delivery to meet your filtration needs!
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