Clay Cartridges

The primary purpose of clay treatment is to project aviation fuel filtration systems and jet fuel by removing trace quantities of surface active agents (surfactants), color and additives commonly found fuel.

PECOFacet´s specially selected Attapulgus clay greatly resists water saturation and provides maximum surfactant adsorptivity and filtration area found in clay treater cartridges.

Standard Design Features

  • Maximum adsorptive and filtration area
  • Greatly resists water saturation
  • Vibra-packed clay minimizes settling
  • Interchangeable with other manufacturer´s bag and canister clay treater cartridges
  • Hoisting handles expedite cartridges installation and change-out
  • Flow direction: outside to in


Clay Treater Housings

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SuperFlex™ Housings
Model FS

PECOFacet SuperFlex™ housings are small, economical, carbon steel housings that may be used as filters or filter separators depending on the cartridges used.

Electronic Sensors

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