Filter Cartridges

PECO has a legacy of innovating products to provide solutions for its customer's difficult contaminant management problems.  This legacy of over 75 years has lead to a broad array of filter cartridges for a wide variety of markets.  We feel that the contaminant should dictate the solution.  This requires us to have a wide variety of technologies available and to continue to innovate as industry needs evolve.  The technologies used in our filter cartridges run from the standard pleated and depth technologies to our unique patented PEACH® technology. 

These solutions and technologies are diverse and run the gamut from providing effect ways to remove black powder from natural gas to removing proteins from serum.  Our products provide clean water, process fluids, fuels, natural gas and so forth.  PECO is known for its wide array of quality filtration and separation products.  PECO's great advantage is that we make not only the filter cartridges, but we also make the housings.  However, we bring our innovative filter technology to a wide variety of filter housings and vessels.