Electronic Sensors

Aviation safety is always a must. At PECOFacet we offer some of the most advanced, safe and versatile electronic sensor devices in the market providing monitoring, traceability and peace of mind.

JetGard units provide real time monitoring of fuel cleanliness with regard to free water and particulate matter, while also measuring the differential pressure / corrected differential pressure in monitor filters and filter water separators during fueling operations.  If the paramaters measured are above the specified requirements an alarm signal is emitted stopping the fueling operation.  Unlike other fuel quality systems, JetGard automatically captures and transfers data graphically to the customer.

The new Corrected Differential Pressure Indicator PF-CDPI unit calculates automatically the corrected differential pressure value in the cartridges of the filter/water separators and filter monitors from the actual differential pressure and flow input. It also indicates the lifespan of the cartridge.

After each operation, with only one click and from anywhere in the world, automatic reports and graphs will be generated and put at your disposal.

PECOFacet Electronic Sensors…A New Era in Filtration Performance and Innovation.


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