Oil & Gas Production


Shale gas presents challenges for traditional technologies in maintaining clean gas / liquids for sale and managing flow-back and produced water.  PECO can be your contaminant removal partner to offer cost effective solutions to these problems.  We maintain a stock of high performing treatment solutions.

Natural Gas


PECO offers an array of filtration products for natural gas transmission and processing.  Our patented PEACH® Gemini PuraSep® technology provides unparalleled filtration performance for removal of solid contaminants and aerosol liquids.  We offer a wide variety of products for removing solids and liquid contaminants from liquid streams including XtreamPure® and XtreamPhase™.

Refinery & Petrochemical


PECO excels in development and implementation of contaminant management solutions that perform in the most rigorous applications.  Our process starts with analyzing process streams and identifying the contaminant characteristics.  Then applying a solution that is geared toward the full spectrum of contaminants that are likely to challenge the process.  With a deep portfolio of advanced technologies, commercial value , and global synergies, we can deliver innovative filtration solutions that address the evolving needs of the refinery / petrochemical market.