PECOFacet offers a wide variety of water treatment and separation units.  These have been field proven over years of application experience.  Most of these units are based upon the patented MPak® technology.  In addition, our sewage treatment units include the latest in bio-processing technology. 

The following products are offered:

- Process water treatment

- Produced water treatment

- Rail water treatment

- Oil / Water separation technology for Oil & Gas markets

- Waste Treatments plants, which can be installed in little villages (up to 2,000 inhabitants) which treat domestic water for reuse without generating muds and smells.


Clean water is important to all of us on this planet.  PECOFacet in combination with BioprocessH2O and other Clarcor companies offer solutions to water treatment challenges.

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Water Treatment & Reuse

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Technology