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Category Qty Literature Name Literature ID
General Products Full Oil & Gas Catalog CD ----------
Oil & Gas General Products Brochure FS-GP-SL-02
Market Specific Ultra Low Nox - PEACH Gemini PuraSep Solutions FS-LNX-MB-01
Amine - GOLDXtream Solutions EL-PHD-SL-01
Gycol - PEACH Fusion Solutions GS-GLY-MB-01
Refinery & Petrochemical Brochure FS-REF-SL-01
Decals Element Change-Out Sticker ----------
PECOFacet Hard Hat Sticker ----------
Services Scientific Process Solutions - On Site Testing SPS-GP-SL-01
Housings - Gas PEACH Gemini PuraSep FS-PGP-SL-01
Titan Purasap OG-70/75-SL-01
77V Vertical Coalescing Housings FS-77-SL-01
89 Small Volume Coalescing Housings FS-89-SL-01
85, 88, 90 Small Volume Dry Gas & Filter-Sep Housings FS-85-SL-01
BootSep Production & Gathering Filter-Sep Housings FS-BS-TD-01
ProComp VKO Housings FS-PC-SL-01
30, 30A, 30F Small Volume Dry Gas Housings FS-30-SL-01
95 Scrubbers & Slug Catchers FS-95-SL-01
Housings - Liquid XtreamPure High Flow Rate Liquid Housings & Cartridges EL-XP-TD-00
55 Traditional Liquid Housings FS-55-SL-01
10-10FB-11 Carbon Housings FS-10-SL-01
Closures SafeLock Closures FS-SC-SL-01
Quick Opening Closures FS-QOC-SL-01
Cartridges* PEACH Gemini PuraSep Cartridges EL-PGC-TD-01
DynaCeptor Series; PEACH Saturated Depth Coalescer Cartridges EL-NGGC-TD-01
DynaSep Series; PEACH Gas Cartridges EL-PCHG-SL-01
PEACH-Pure Liquid Cartridges (PPL) EL-PPL-SL-01
PEACH-Pure Liquid Cartridges (P90) EL-P90-SL-01
PEACH-Pure SDR Series; PEACH Stacked Disc Replacement Cartridges EL-PSDR-TD-01
Oil-Pure Series; PEACH Depth Cartridges EL-PCOF-TD-01
GOLDXtream Series; PEACH Depth Cartridges EL-GX-TD-00
GOLDXtream 600D Series; PEACH Depth Cartridges EL-P600D-TD-01
Pipeline Fuels PEACH Cartridges EL-PF-SL-01
PEACH Fusion EL-PF-TD-01
PUROCEPT A Series; Quad-Zone Premium Meltblown Cartridges EL-PUR-TD-02
PUROCEPT T Series; Quad-Zone Premium Meltblown Cartridges EL-PUR-TD-01
EPIC II Series; Dual-Zone Meltblown Cartridges EL-EPII-TD-01
XtreamPhase 4P/4T Liquid Phase Coalescers & Separators EL-XPH-TD-01
* All standard PECOFacet cartridge literature can be found in the PECOFacet Core Catalog
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