Filter Repair

Filter Resources has the in-house capabilities to repair and recover sewn end style radial fin filters. This type of filter has metal hardware with fabric covers that can be replaced many times at a fraction of the cost of new filters.

Fabric options and up-grades are available with coatings and finishes to enhance filtration efficiency. Polyester, polypropylene, Nomex, fiberglass, Teflon, P84, Nylon, Ryton and woven alloy wire covers are available with a variety of micron and cfm ratings.

Repairable filters provided by Air Maze, Consler, Dollinger, Elliott, Ingersoll Rand, Joy, Kemp, Solberg, Stoddard and others can be repaired and recovered within 2 weeks or less. Same day and overnight turnaround is also possible depending on material availability and transportation issues.

Filter Resources also has the in-house capabilities to repair and/or re-screen strainer baskets. A large stock of perforated metal, woven wire and other materials in carbon steel and alloy metals are on hand for rapid turnaround.