Bag Filter Housings

Bag filter housings are manufactured in single bag, multi-bag and duplex filter housing configurations from a variety of materials. ASME code and non-code 150 lb. rated housings are quite often available from factory inventories in bag size #2 increments.

Industry standard bag sizes range from bag size #3 [0.5 sq. ft. surface area (4.12" diameter x 8" long)] to size #12 [5.5 sq. ft. surface area (8" diameter x 30" long)] with the most popular being size #2 [4.4 sq. ft. surface area (7" diameter x 32" long)].

Custom bag housings can also be supplied to meet client requirements that fall outside the standard items offered by OEM bag housing manufacturers. The design criteria for these custom units is generally based on the following:

  • Materials of construction, i.e. carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.
  • ASME code or non-code design
  • Temperature and pressure requirements
  • Process stream flow rate
  • Physical and chemical properties of the process stream
  • Existing or preferred line sizes
  • Flanged or NPT connections
  • Closure styles, i.e. quick-opening, swing-bolt, flanged, etc.
  • Supplement nozzles, i.e. vent, delta P ports, drains, etc.