Filter Press Cloths

Filter press cloths are custom designed and fabricated for a variety of industrial filtration applications. These cloths are sized to fit filter plates for a specific filter press size and style. The majority of the filter cloths used in the chemical and petrochemical industry is fabricated from woven and/or needled felt fabrics.

The filter cloth fabrics are manufactured from fibers such as polypropylene, polyester, pTFE, Nylon, aramid and cotton. Typical particulate retention is within the 5 to 25 micron range depending on the product or material being captured.

A standard filter press (sometimes called plate and frame filter press) has filter plates made from polypropylene that are clamped together to work in a collective manner and produce a batch of solid filtered material called the filter cake.

Filter cloths are generally sized by press plate width in mm or meters, such as 800 mm, 1500mm, 2 meter, etc.

Filter press sizes in number of plates can vary from 4 plates to 200 plates based on the gpm flow design requirements of the stream to be filtered.

Filter Resources can provide filter cloths in all materials and sizes to meet the process requirements of the chemical and petrochemical industry.