Dust Collector Bags

Dust collector filters provided in mechanical filter systems are the preferred choice to filter and capture a wide variety of industrial dusts in the range of 0.3 microns and larger. These mechanical filters are designed primarily for dry industrial dusts, but some tolerate a minimal amount of liquid in the air or process stream.

The two most common dust collector filters are continuous cleaning cartridge filter units and dust collector bag house units with tubular fabric socks. These types of dust collectors use air or gas to reverse-pulse through a wire cage venturi nozzle or cartridge core while some systems use shakers or sonic vibration to clean the dust collector cartridge or dust collector bag surface.

Dust collector cartridges are available from Filter Resources in a variety of sizes and media types, including cellulose, polyester, fiberglass, Nomex, Teflon and synthetic blends. PTFE membrane coated fabrics are also available for high efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) requirements.

Filter Resources can provide dust collector filters in all materials and sizes to meet the process requirements of the chemical and petrochemical industry. 

Tubular fabric socks for bag house applications are also readily available from Filter Resources and are discussed in detail under the Custom Sewn Goods section of this website.