Established in 1998, TPS (Technical Process Solutions) is Your Source for Superior Filtration Performance. TPS offers value-added filtration process optimization, aftermarket supply and onsite testing services. Backed by a network of industry-leading technology manufacturers and supported through strategically integrated direct sales and selected distribution partners, our goal is to be our customers’ first total filtration supplier.

TPS provides:

  • Gas and liquid filtration
  • Elements and vessels (Stock or Engineered)
  • Filter bags and bag vessels
  • Replacement parts and services
  • Managed inventory strategies
    • Regional warehouses
  • Filtration testing, analysis and consulting
    • On-site change-out support
    • Customer training
    • Lunch & learns

Specializing in filtration for:

  • Amine units
  • Glycol plants
  • Pipelines
  • Compressors
  • Water and air filtration
  • Disposal wells
  • Effluent water/oil separation
  • Refinery & petrochemical applications
  • Fuel gas and finished fuels