Filter Resources

Filter Resources provides fast and friendly local support to customers throughout the United States.Our dedicated staff makes sure our customers received the best experience from easy ordering, local inventory of product, quick deliveries, on-site installation/operating assistance, filter surveys, technical assistance and so much more!

While our main product focus is on filters, additional products can be sourced including absorbents, bulk carbon, spark plugs, rags and work gloves.

Commercial Services

  •   24/7 Emergency Availability
  •   Local Inventory
  •   Inventory Management
  •   Alliance Agreements
  •   Maintenance Support Contracts

Technical Services

  •   Filtration Training Classes (on-site or at factory)
  •   Lunch & Learns
  •   Closure Operation Training & Inspection
  •   On-Site Filter Change-Outs
  •   On-Site Filter Testing
  •   Filtration Site Surveys
  •   Filtration Optimization
  •   Laboratory - Spent Cartridge Analysis
  •   Laboratory - Liquid Samples Analysis
  •   Filter Cartridge Retrofits & Upgrades