PECOFacet Tulsa

Established since 1943, our office in Tulsa provides manufacturing, sales and service to our domestic Aviation customers. This office is home to our Aviation Technology center and has been serving customers in the Aviation Industry for over 60 years. As an innovator in the development of liquid/liquid coalescence and separation, the company specializes in the manufacture of two-stage coalescer separators, fuel monitors, portable fueling systems, oil/water separators, bilge water separators and other systems designed to separate and treat fluids containing a mixture of water, hydrocarbons and solids. PECOFacet Aviation fuel handling products are qualified to the latest EI standards for jet fuel quality and clarity.

PECOFacet Tulsa provides:

  • In-house technical support team to assist customers with replacement parts and offer solutions to filtration and separation challenges for both Aviation and Industrial applications.
  • In-house application engineering team to provide sizing and manufacturing of filter housings.
  • Outside sales team for on-site filtration expertise
  • Filter cartridge manufacturing
  • Filter housing manufacturing
  • Warehousing of filter cartridges for same day shipment
  • Stock aviation housings for most applications